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 Q. Never tried Kayaking before, Can I join?
A. We accept scratch beginners as well as professionals, beginners will be given a briefing session and will be escorted by one of our trainers on their Kayaks

Q.How can I book?
A.Send us a message on Nile Kayak Club

Q. How much does it cost?
#180LE for one hour (introductory short ride
#400LE for three hours ride (cross Cairo ride till Zamalik ) with 3 hours kayaking and one hour return using Motor Boat. Difficulty level: Advanced

100% deposit is needed to book your spot .
Deposits can be paid through bank transfer,bank deposits or ATM Machine.
Deposit is non-refundable if canceled less than 24 hours ahead

Service includes tips for beginners, escort from one of our trainers, and an *on-call rescue boat.

Q.What are the operating hours?
A. Our operating hours are Friday and Saturday 7 am to 5 pm, weekday rides could be booked in advance for a group more that 4 persons.

Q. Are we going to ride in confined water or in the main river stream?
A. We have different routes that includes sightseeing, islands hopping, coffee stops and more during the ride, it depends on the group physical fitness and wind forecast, we will offer you the best options onsite.

Q.What should I wear?
A. We use sit on kayaks that keeps you dry, however you will get soaked from water splashes while paddling, so we recommend wearing Lycra sports wear t-shirts/shorts or pants, padded gloves and snorkeling shoes if available.

Q.What do I need to pack?
For sun and dehydration protection get your sun glasses, hat, sun screening cream and a water bottle.
For long rides some energy bars or dates are highly recommended.
Extra dry outfit and a towel, as you may get soaked from water splashes while paddling.

Q.Does it require to be a swimmer?
A.Yes, you have to be able to maintain your buoyancy and swim for at least 10 meters.

Q.Can I take my mobile phone with me?
A. We highly do not recommend you to take any belongings such as car keys, wallets, mobile phones, etc with you on the kayak.
Anything else but the water bottle and (energy bars for long rides) adds to the list

Q. Are there any age or weight restrictions?
A. Yes, Children below 14 years will require direct monitoring through the ride, they can only join a private 1 to 1 ride not the group rides.
100Kg is the maximum allowed weight, otherwise it affects balance on kayak

Q.Can I use The Club facilities if I rent the kayaks?
A. Yes, you can use the toilets and restaurant access.

Stay fit!
NileKayakClub team

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