Aswan to luxor on Kayak

The Expedition

Kayak  the Nile River, the first artery of  human civilization. We will follow  Hapi (Nile goddess) route surrounded  by Egyptian history, temples from  Aswan to Luxor. Over 5 days we will cover the distance  (around 200 Km) by kayak, up-to 5 hours kayaking per day. It is a  sportive challenge but still a cultural, human, historical and relaxing  experience.
Our kayak instructor will motivate and guide you throughout the  trip to achieve it. Support boat is always around, in case of emergency  or fatigue. We will be eating and sleeping on the support boat (camping  style)

Also available in Dhabia (Sail boat) cabin based luxurious boat.

Trip Itenerary

Day 0: Check-in on NKC boat by noon - start tour briefing while by cruising around the Nubian cataracts.

Day 1: Kayak from Aswan to Kom Umbu, day ends with Komobmo Temple visit

Day 2: Kayak from KomUmbu to Nagaa Hassanein Edfu with a long midday break for El Selsela Temple visit.

Day 3: Kayak from Nagaa Hassanein to As Sibaiyyah with a long midday break for Edfu Temple visit.

Day 4: Kayak from As Sibaiyyah to Armant (Crossing Esna water lock by boat)

Day 5: Kayak from Armant to Luxor -
check in at Iberootel  Luxor Hotel.

Day 6: Rest day at Iberotel in Luxor (B&B) with an optional Luxor city site-seeings program: (Valley of the kings tombs, Hatchepsut and Luxor temple.

Next Trip

2017/2018 Season trips:

Jan [17-22]

Feb [11th-16th] 

March [25th-31st] 

Contact us for updated Events calendar.

Cairo Tours

Introductory Ride (1 hour)

Our introductory 1 hour morning and sunset group rides will take you around Maadi islands and approaching Dahab island. 

Escort with one of our trainers on kayak.

Difficulty level: Easy (recommended for beginners)

Nilometer Ride (1.5 hours)

Its an average long current assisted ride lasts for around 1.5 hr from our club in Maadi to Garden City passing through Nilometer and Manial Roda, ride finishes by the the Four Seasons Hotel

Group is escort by one of our trainers on kayak.

Return via our shuttle speed motor boat in ~15 minutes

Difficulty level (Medium) 

Cairo Crossing Ride (2.5 hours)

Cross Cairo from Maadi towards Zamalek, passing by Manial Roda & Garden City

Group is escort by one of our trainers on kayak.

Return back to NileKayakClub by our shuttle motor boat.

Difficulty level (Hard - requires athletic background and high endurance in order to keep your pace going for 2.5 continuous hours)